JaLaGoMa: The Japan Connection at PSU

Since 2010 Urban Green has been working with Portland State University to create programs for government managers from cities, town, and villages throughout Japan. Each year a group of these Japanese Local Government Managers (JaLoGoMa) comes to Portland, sponsored by the Tokyo Foundation and the Mark Hatfield School of Public Service at PSU. They come to Portland to see and experience how local organizations have been and are creating projects in their communities.

Portland’s rich history in community engagement and civic governance serves as an active laboratory for the program participants in creating change their communities in innovative ways. This program helps prepare local government managers in Japan for the inevitable challenges their communities will face as a result of decentralization reform in Japanese national government.

Above are some images from the 2016 JaLaGoMa Program.



One of the projects these government managers experience is how Urban Green and the Oak Grove community came together to visualize, plan, and implement the new forest and ecosystems that surround the Park Ave. Light Rail Station in Oak Grove.
Portland State University has written a case study describing the history of this unique relationship.

Case Study:

Power of Partnership-Collaboration between Urban Green and the Oak Grove community, Metro, and TriMet

(First edition April 2012, Second edition June 2013, Third edition July 2014)


Case Study Update:

Orange Line is Coming, Park Avenue Station is Built — Now What?
A Case Study of Urban Green Activities. (2015)




パートナシップの力 パートナシップの力 パートナシップの力

~クラカマス カウンティーにおける カウンティーにおける カウンティーにおけ

る アーバン ・グリアーバン ・グリアーバン ・グリと

ネイチャー・ンバフッズの ネイチャー・ンバフッズの ネイチャー・ンバフッズ

の 協力 ・協働 ~

(初稿 2012 2012年 4月、第2稿 第2稿 2013 2013 年 6月、第3 稿 2014 2014

年 7月)




リーンの取り組み (2015年)




Innovation Lab

is an intensive workshop where participants are divided into small “international teams” of Portlanders and Japanese visitors, discussing real issues that participants themselves are currently facing in their local communities. The task for each group is to devise innovative solutions together.





Participants from each of these towns and villages have visited the Park Ave Station since 2010.

Participants from each of these towns and villages in Japan have visited the Park Ave Station since 2010.

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