Tree Conservation Ordinance

EnvironmentalAlarmed at the rate of loss of the Oak Lodge community’s tree canopy to development, Urban Green and its partners sought to enact a County ordinance to slow the loss of the trees that give the community its character and ecological foundations. It didn’t go well.

Park Avenue Station

Community Development, Environmental, TransportationWhile the political class and some of the public debated the merits and demerits of public transportation, Urban Green partnered with key stakeholders in the new Orange Line light rail extension project to create a new forest with a train station in it. The new Park Avenue station reserves two-thirds of the site for habitat and storm water management while creating a station that welcomes Orange Line riders to Oak Grove with a beautiful landscape, beautiful art, and station infrastructure that powers itself and will soon be part of the an oak forest ecosystem.

Transportation System Plan Citizen Advisory Committee

TransportationA long list of projects, limited budgets, complex issues, differing rural and urban concerns, a diversity of political views. Is consensus in such circumstances possible? Real conversation and a common concern for solving community problems win the day.

Oak Grove Commons, Open Mic

Celebrations, Community DevelopmentImproving social relationships is fundamental to success in building a better community. Unique to Urban Green’s approach to grassroots community development is its emphasis on community gatherings and celebrations. There is a great archetypical power to joining with others to share food, entertainment, and good conversation.

Oak Grove to Lake Oswego Bike/Ped Bridge

TransportationComing out of the TSP Citizen Advisory Committee as a top priority project, this important new link in our pedestrian and bike infrastructure was approved by the County Commissioners and is now a critical part of a new Tualatin-to- Milwaukie trail system that is in the planning stages. With enough partners and support, this exciting project could be funded in the next year or two.

Sunnybrook Blvd Extension

Community Development, Environmental, TransportationTen million dollars to build a small piece of road that would save commuters 2 minutes, create a 25 million dollar problem just down the road, and cost the lives of 86 mature trees in the Three Creeks Natural Area. What were they thinking?

Fairoaks Festival

Celebrations, Community DevelopmentGrowing from a modest block party for a small number of neighbors, this summer celebration now typically brings more than 200 neighbors to a colorfully decorated part of the forest for great local music, superb pot luck food, and community-building as families catch up on what’s happening in the neighborhood and the wider community.

Re-visioning McLaughlin Blvd

TransportationWhat would McLoughlin Blvd look like if Integrating Habitat and local businesses that help the community thrive were the focus of re-development? With the help of the community and some really talented local design folks, Urban Green is exploring the possibilities.

JaLaGoMa: The Japan Connection at PSU

EducationThe Japanese Local Government Managers' Training Program (JaLoGoMa) is an intensive, week-long program in Portland for government managers from cities, towns, and villages all over Japan. The program is jointly organized by the and sponsored by the Tokyo Foundation in conjunction with Portland State University’s Center for Public Service, and is hosted at PSU every summer.

An Oak Grove Plan

Environmental, TransportationPartnering with urban planning graduate students from Portland State University (PSU), Community Planning Organizations (CPOs) and members of the community, Urban Green catalyzed the creation of a plan to revitalize the tiny downtown area of Oak Grove. The project has laid the groundwork for future re-development in the area and provided the framework for the Trolley Trail improvements.

Saving Parrot Creek

EnvironmentalAt the end of February 2009, Urban Green received an e-mail from an Oregon City citizen activist who had been contacted by a property owner who lived next to a small piece of County-owned forest in the Parrot Creek watershed. Clackamas County was about to...